About Our Mission

Resale to the Rescue is an upscale not for profit resale store that financially assists local animal welfare organizations. Our goal is to assist these organizations in their mission to:
     *Increase the number of animals spayed/neutered
     *Increase the adoption rate of homeless animals
     *Decrease the euthanasia rate at local animal shelters

We are always in need of donors, volunteers, and shoppers to help make our mission a reality. Please help spread the word!

$25,000 and $86,052.00...

What are those numbers you ask?

Our Board of Directors donated $25,000 for the 1st quarter of 2018 to our local animal rescue partners!

Since we opened in July 2016, we have donated a total of $86,052!

That is a lot of animals spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccinations, free from heartworms due to treatment and prevention, and healthier due to life saving surgeries and medications.

That is a lot of lives saved.




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