AH HA (Artists Helping Homeless Animals)


The purpose behind "AH HA" is threefold.

  1. To involve artists/crafters with our store in a way that allows them to use their talents to benefit local animals,

  2. To recognize that several local artists/crafters purchase items from Resale to create their work, and we want to share with others how you use those items to inspire others to tap into their talents, as well.

  3. To offer our customers a year-round place where they can purchase reasonably priced, top quality art/craft work.

All pieces must be top quality and created by a local artist/crafter. We will accept any media art/craft works, as long as they will fit into our designated display area which is a glass shelving unit. We do not have wall space to hang large items, but we do have room for upcycled furniture pieces. (The store does reserve the right to refuse items that are deemed inappropriate for our mission/store.) The items will be considered donations to Resale to the Rescue, and as such, can be claimed as a charitable donation. If a tax receipt is desired, please request one when you bring in your items.

The artist/crafter will set the selling price for their items. Please keep in mind that we are a resale shop with a unique mission. We attract two basic types of shoppers:

  1. People who are very supportive of animal welfare in our community.

  2. Resale/thrift shoppers. As with all of our merchandise, sales and store coupons be will applied to the purchase of art/craft pieces.

Donating your work:
Your pieces can be donated any time during our business hours (Tues – Sat from 10 AM – 6 PM). At that time, please have your item priced and include a small sign/label that gives your name, phone number or email address (whatever contact information you are comfortable having in public), and any other information you would like the customer to know. If you used items purchased at the store, please include that in your information. Please be sure to give your items directly to one of our staff members and be sure to tell them it is for the AH HA section. Because this is a permanent section in our store, we will need art/craft works donated year round.

Duration of items on display:
We frequently rotate our stock to provide our customers with new items. If, after two months, your work has not sold, there will be two options:

  1. You may take your items back

  2. We will discount your items to encourage their sale. Please let us know which you prefer below.

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this project. We are excited to bring new and unique items to our amazing customers, and to showcase our talented local artists/crafters! If you have questions or would like get involved with our AH HA program, please complete the form below.

AH HA Programming Form

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